ऐश्वर्य यत्प्रसादेन सौभाग्य-आरोग्य सम्पदः।
शत्रु हानि परो मोक्षः स्तुयते सान किं जनै॥

Maa Durga has always been a symbol of power and divinity since the origin of mankind. Nothing without the blessings of our beloved MAA can blossom. MAA Durga has always been a savior of the weak. May she keeps showering her blessings on us.

Rani Laxmibai Durga Utsav Mandal becomes a home of our beloved MAA every year during the auspicious occasion of Navaratri. Rani Laxmibai Durga Utsav Mandal has been one of the most famous organizers of Navaratra in Nagpur since many years.

The Puja committee ensures to erect beautiful and elegantly decorated pandals which are often, life size specimen of some of the most iconic temples and monuments around the world.

We organize grand staged cultural events which are attended and performed in by India’s famous and renowned celebrities.

Our events are covered by all major news papers and TV channels. A huge number of devotees throng the pandal for the glimpse of their beloved deity. The footfall is approximately 5000-6000 people daily.

Some of the events that we proudly present are:

  • MUSIC & SINGING: Eminent performers like Vaishali Mate And Rahul Saxena have registered their presence here. This year there would be live in concert of the legendary Shri Anup Jalota and the young talented singer Savani Ravindra.
  • Dance: Soniya Parchure is scheduled to captivate the audience by her elegant moves.
  • Inspirational and life changing lectures: Youth oriented lectures by some of the greatest achievers of India.
  • Drama, Skit and Much more…..

Rani Laxmibai Durga Utsav Mandal is famous in entire central India for its beautiful display of India’s rich heritage. The Mandal organizes mesmerizing pictorial galleries depicting various iconic aspects of India.

Through out the years, there has been a pictorial gallery of famous people and organizations of the country which includes Veer Savarkar’s life and contribution to India’s freedom struggle. It also showcased the contribution of RSS in making India better.

We are privileged to have been able to serve the society in our own ways. We were fortunate enough to have got the opportunity of providing a platform to the children suffering from Autism and also provided them financial aid as a token of our love during the Navaratra Celebrations.

We provided financial assistance to the Vana-Vasi Kalyan Ashram, an NGO very popular in Maharashtra. We also donated various aids to the Matushri old age home, situated in Adasa. We provide buses to 75 residents of the old age home to ensure that they are able to Celebrate Durga Utsav with us.

We make sure that there is maximum participation from the underprivileged children of the Platform School in Various cultural activities of the Mandal every year, We do this with an intent to bring them at par to the society.

We had donated 1700 Raincoats to the Men In Uniform, the police personnel of the Nagpur police department.

We support and promote Prime Minister’s Initiative “Swach Bharat” Movement and have organized various a forestation campaigns over the Years.


The Mandal is all geared up to enthrall the visitors this year too. This year the Mandal is showcasing the contribution and supreme sacrifices of Shaheed-E-Azam BHAGAT SINGH, SUKHDEV and RAJGURU. The original belongings of these legends brought from different parts of the country will be kept on display to everyone to cherish

Another major attraction of this year’s NAVRATRA celebrations is-the Nagpur Metro. It is going to be central India’s greatest cultural and spiritual extravaganza with the Metro Rail arriving at Laxmi Nagar for the very first time.

So, fasten your Seat belts and get ready for a spiritual ride of Divineness.

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